About Iberian Funeral Plans

Iberian Funeral Plans is the group name for a dedicated, service driven Funeral Planning Company operating throughout Spain Portugal and the OffShore Island’s (The Iberian Peninsula)

Iberian Funeral Plans LDA (510037275) and IFP – Iberian UK Ltd (8020991) are fully registered companies in Portugal and the UK respectively.

This partnership enables us to offer an efficient, fast and comprehensive high level of service, to meet your needs and wishes.

Confidence between Iberian and the client is one of our main aims and we are pleased to provide our clients with accurate and independent advice on all aspects of funeral planning.

One of the basic requests that our clients demand is a comprehensive yet competitively priced solution that meets their wishes. We can assure you that Iberian Funeral Plans takes the commitment that we acquire with all our clients very seriously. We aim to provide the best service in every case.

The reassurance of having it all worked out especially for the expatriate community