Almond Plan

Many people choose to take out a ‘pre-paid’ or ‘pre-payment’ funeral plan so they can help their Family and Friends at a difficult time by making their own preferences known. This can also alleviate any worries the Family might have about paying for the funeral.

Another advantage of taking out a plan is that you will be paying for your funeral at today’s prices. This means that the funeral plan will pay for your funeral however much funeral costs have risen since the plan was taken out.

Please contact us to find out more about how pre-paid funeral plans work, and what you need to consider when choosing a plan.

With funeral inflation going up three times faster than retail prices (and probably even faster compared with your wages or pension!) it make sense to lock in the cost of your funeral plan as early as you can, so Iberian Funeral Plans have introduced the Almond Plan specifically for the Algarve.

We as a leading provider of Funeral Plans and having been established in Portugal since 2010 as a legally constituted Lda Company and are able to offer interest free terms over 5 years, which makes our funeral plans very affordable. The bigger the deposit, the lower the monthly repayments. And you are protected against the rising cost of funerals in general and also when funeral plan prices rise.

That is why we have developed the Almond plan for Algarve residents – a basic plan that provides for cremation, but provides for all the necessities surrounding death as well as freezing the price at today’s costs and will always be available however long you live.

The Almond Plan €2695

Providing: Fixed cost and cost is frozen from day 1.

  • Guaranteed Service – However long you live.
  • Professional Contracted Funeral Directors.
  • Flexible interest free payment methods over 60 months.
Peace of mind with Security, Service & Savings from Iberian Funeral Plans Lda


The Iberian Almond Plan – This plan is specifically for the Algarve

Dealing with the death of a family member is always difficult, particularly for those who have to make the funeral arrangements. This time can be made much easier for those grieving if a prepaid funeral plan is in place at the time of your death.

prepaid funeral plan will alleviate the need for most decision making by your family, as you will have decided, through your plan, how your funeral will be conducted.

The following will help you recognise the benefits of planning ahead

Having a prepaid funeral plan saves your family from having to make decisions about your funeral. Many will find arranging a funeral a daunting task, particularly for someone to whom they were very close; they are already experiencing a sad loss. They may feel ill-equipped to make decisions concerning the various elements of a funeral and where there is more than one family member involved there can be difficulties in agreement.

There are many important decisions to be made when planning a funeral service, including the choice of coffin, travel arrangements have to be made, and the type of service has to be decided on.

Plan ahead with a prepaid funeral plan and save your family from experiencing additional grief.

In addition to saving your family additional stress, there can be financial advantages to taking out a prepaid funeral plan.

Funeral expenses continue to rise, but by prepaying for your Almond Prepaid Funeral Plan you prevent increases in the cost of the funeral. Regardless of increases in funeral costs between you taking out your plan and your death, your Almond Prepaid Funeral Plan will cover the cost of your chosen funeral arrangements.

The Almond Plan is not available to apply for online.

Please – Download a PDF application form here – after scanning & printing & filling in the details please scan the signed copy and email it to or post a copy to us.

The Almond Plan has its own Terms and Conditions.
To view the Terms and Conditions please click here.

The Almond Plan includes the following

  • The funeral directors professional services
  • Supply of coffin robe & fittings
  • Conveyance on the day of the funeral to crematorium
  • Provision of necessary staff
  • Cremation fees & doctors certificates
  • Cremation will take place within 24/72 hours in accordance with Portuguese Law
  • All legal documents necessary for the funeral to take place
  • Provision of an urn

Almond Plan Cost €2695

Time from death to Cremation can be extended by purchasing additional mortuary days
at €165 per day.

Option of adding a church service €260.

The Almond plan can be paid for in full, by deposit and installments interest free or over 60 months.

We also offer the option to pay in either Euros or Sterling.

The Almond plan is an entry level plan specifically for those Resident in the Algarve and has no benefits outside of the Algarve.

The Almond can be upgraded to a full Iberian plan with all the additional benefits of the IFP – Iberian Plans of either: –

The Beech
The Cedar
Or Oak repatriation

The plan benefits for the above can be reviewed on our web site by looking at the full list of plans for Portugal.