The benefits of an Iberian funeral plan

Cost is fixed at the outset – pre-paying now will save your family/estate a great deal of money.

With an Iberian Plan there are no additional (hidden charges on top of plan prices) fees.

Such as Administration and Setup up fees, interest is not charged should you wish to pay by instalments – providing for massive savings.

Iberian Funeral Plans provide guaranteed fixed cost prices.

All funeral arrangements are put into place from day one and there are no age or health restrictions.

There is just one phone to call to contact the 24 hour bereavement helpline, giving you peace of mind that all the funeral arrangements will be conducted as per your wishes and with respect.

Payment is available by lump sum or deposit plus instalments with no hidden costs and instalment plans are interest free.

A 24 hour English speaking bereavement helpline which can instantly take over all the arrangements and provide comprehensive advice.

With Iberian only reputable funeral directors are retained, who are fully knowledgeable regarding the Spanish and Portuguese systems.