The bereavement line number is: (+34) 900 104 351


This is a 24hour line operated by our own in house Funeral directors Iberian Servicios Funerarias SL who are responsible for the handling of incoming calls – allocation of contracted funeral directors and management of funeral services in accordance with the specified plan and our Companies terms and conditions with regards to use of contracted funeral directors, and premises for the provision of service.

Should you wish to use alternate funeral directors or premises for the purposes of the deceased’s funeral service there may be additional costs involved – we cannot guarantee the cost of service will be met by the plan or plan contribution if a third party is used – but only by the use of our own contracted funeral directors and their premises.

When contacting this number you will be asked for certain details with regards to the deceased including:

  • The full name of deceased.
  • The location of deceased.
  • The plan reference number.
  • Your name and relationship to the deceased.
  • Has the death been certified by a doctor? – as we can only move the body if this paperwork is available.

Having this information helps us to help you.

Important – New Procedures Announcement – 20th December 2016

Date 20.12.2016
Dear Sir or Madam,

Re your Funeral Plan

In accordance with the companies terms and conditions we are writing to advise/clarify a change in our procedures with immediate effect.

Upon death our funeral directors IBERIAN SERVICIOS FUNERIAS must be phoned on the free phone number:


900 104 351 as detailed on the Plan Membership Cards


Your call will be registered and you will immediately be advised of our contracted funeral directors name.

On no account must you sign any documentation unless offered to you by ISF or their contracted funeral director.

Our funeral directors will liase with the family or representative of the deceased to make arrangements for provision of service under the terms of the plan you have with Iberian including facilities to be used, date of service and legal requirements to enable the service to go ahead. The company (Iberian) will not be responsible for meeting any costs for provision of service should our contracted funeral directors and the agreed facilities not be used.

You will incur additional charges from Iberian Servicios Funeraria due to the use of non-contracted funeral directors including VAT/IVA and the additional costs over the Iberians contracted price.

Alternatively: should you use the services of a non-contracted funeral director the company reserves the right to treat this as a cancellation and in accordance with our terms and conditions return the cost of the plan, less 20% of the plan value (deducted from monies received by the company).

It is with regret that we take these steps but they have to be taken in response to actions beyond our control.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tel: (+34) 952 595 691 & 900 103 681