Frequently Asked Questions & Useful Information

Q: Is it true that Funerals can be carried out within 24 Hours?

Funerals are conducted within 24/72 hours which is which is a major difference from your home country.

Q: Will language be a problem?

Language difficulties make you extremely vulnerable with regards to the provision of service and pricing.

Iberian have a 24 hour English speaking bereavement helpline (worldwide) who can instantly take over and make all the arrangements as per your wishes and provide comprehensive advice.

Q: If I die before completing an instalment plan what happens?

Full plan benefits would be provided, then a closing statement would be prepared and settled by the estate prior to provision of service.

Q: Are there any hidden extras?

No! There are plan options dependant upon your requirements. First Death, church service, repatriation of ashes and additional day’s mortuary charges.

Q: Is my plan transferable to another Country / UK

Yes, please visit the Plan Transfers page for further information.